Vitamin C Infusions
by Edison.

Improve immune function and cellular repair essential for maintaining your health and reducing the signs of ageing.

Vitamin C

Despite being an essential nutrient for improving immunity and cellular repair, Vitamin C is not naturally produced by our body.
Vitamin C IV infusions are prescribed by our doctors, providing the highest percentage of bioavailability, more efficient and more effective than tablets or liquid forms.
“Vitamin C is a critical component of immune function.”
Dr Rhonda Patrick, Founder at Found My Fitness.

Interested in an Infusion?

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Combat a vulnerable immune system and provide your body with essential nutrients for repair at a cellular level.

How can Vitamin C IV Infusions benefit you?
Vitamin C may;
+ Help reduce stress-related health risks.
+ Help reduce Cardiovascular risks.
+ Improve the appearance of your skin.
+ Create a resilient immunity through improved cellular repair.

When is an ideal time to have a Vitamin C Infusion?

Vitamin C Infusions may assist best:
+ Post surgery for improved healing.
+ For immune support when travelling.
+ During the cooler months where immunity can become compromised.
+ If you are unwell or exposed to those who are unwell
+ If your immune system is compromised and you experience a frequent recurrence of cold or flu.

Edison are your partner’s for Vitamin C infusion therapy, bringing you the latest precision medicine treatment.

Regular Auckland-based Vitamin C IV therapy may improve cellular regeneration in just a few weeks and prices start from $387.
The benefits of Vitamin C IV Infusions may be remarkable, but the therapy itself is simple and easy and administered at Edison’s Precision Medicine Clinic in central Auckland.
Once you are qualified via a simple blood test (G6-PD deficiency testing) we can administer doses over a 30-minute session.
Vitamin C intravenous infusion ensures you get 100% of the benefits of this new compound.
You’ll meet with one of our Edison consultants to determine the personalised Vitamin C therapy experience that’s best suited to your needs, lifestyle and desired outcomes.

Afraz Adam, Edison Doctor

How to get started.

New Clients
All new Edison clients will be required to have an initial consultation including blood testing ($150) before receiving a Vitamin C Infusion.

Existing Clients
Once assessed we can schedule your Vitamin C infusion at your convenience.

The Infusion Appointment
Enjoy the comforts of home in our Infusion lounge while we administer your Vitamin C.

Our medical team will set up your IV and you will have a concierge to assist with anything else you need.

Interested in an Infusion?

Book a complimentary consultation to see if Edison infusions are right for you.