The Edison Exam.

The first step in the Edison experience is to establish a comprehensive understanding of what makes you, you.

The Edison Exam

The first step is to establish a comprehensive understanding of what makes you, you.
Using a holistic approach paired with the latest technology, the Edison Exam uses a range of clinical tests to build a picture of your health. This gives your Edison Care team all the data they need to build a program dedicated to helping you enjoy life to the fullest.

Edison Report

Approximately two weeks after your test you’ll meet with your Edison Doctor for a 60 minute consultation to review your initial results. Using the insights captured, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive report of your personal wellbeing and health.

Biogenic Age®

The hero metric from your Edison Report is the Biogenic Age®. The Biogenic Age® is a representative age that is calculated in comparison to your chronological age.
It’s a key marker that we’ll use to track your change and progress as your journey unfolds.
A younger you starts with your cells.

Health and lifestyle review

Health is holistic. Your lifestyle and medical review gives our team the insights needed to build a programme that works to you as an individual, giving you more time to focus on your family, work or life.

Heart Age

Good health speaks from the heart.
The advanced electrocardiographic assessment helps our team identify early warning signs of heart disease or irregularities. We also use this cutting-edge technology to assign your heart age. Edison is one of 6 clinics in the world integrating advanced electrocardiographic technology.


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