"Investing in good health now is for the goal that we can live young, as late in life as possible."

- Rachel Bowden
I’m Rachel Bowden. I have a Master’s degree with Honours, in Biomedical Science, majoring in Epigenetics.

At University, In addition to laboratory research, my passion was to learn about functional personalised healthcare and pursue its clinical applications.

Having been raised by two registered health specialists with over 75 years of clinical experience between them, I have always understood the significant role that lifestyle plays in creating our physical and mental health.  I practice what I preach, in my own life, and apply my epigenetic knowledge to optimise my health and longevity.  

I am so excited to be working at Edison with world-class health professionals, applying the science of Epigenetics in a leading edge clinical setting.

Knowing that I am spending each day helping others make meaningful lifestyle changes, with lifelong health trajectory benefits, is the most rewarding work I could ever hope for.