Our three-step process systematically unlocks your genetic potential,
helping you achieve optimal performance and longevity.

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Precision Medical

The Edison experience begins with a one-off, baseline, precision medical.

This comprehensive medical evaluation is conducted by a precision medicine specialist (physician) and clinical care team and includes personalised genetic profiling, state-of-the-art biomarker evaluation, physical evaluation, and 3D body imaging.
Following the precision medical, a comprehensive health report is produced which forms the basis of your health plan.


Precision Health Plan

The precision health plan integrates evidence-based lifestyle interventions that align with your genetic profile and goals making your health plan a powerful vehicle for positive health transformation.
The health plan includes a personalised plan for your chronotype, longevity and health-span, nutrition, metabolism and body composition, physical performance and neuro-cognition.

Proactive Care Plan

The Edison experience becomes an ongoing journey with the proactive care plan – a management and monitoring programme that addresses problematic biomarkers and helps individuals achieve their goals and desired health outcomes.

The management component includes regular consultations with a physician and our clinical care team. Programmed touch points and remote biometric monitoring provides assurance and a feedback loop for the clinical care team.




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The precision health plan covers five domains;
Chronobiology, metabolic health optimisation, personalised nutrition, movement and mindfulness to ensure a whole-body approach.

  • Chronobiology
    ‘Chronobiology is the branch of biology concerned with cyclical physiological phenomena.’
    Here the protocol addresses sleep, eating, movement and cognitive interventions in relation to time.

  • Metabolic Health Optimisation
    Metabolic optimisation includes practices such as intermittent fasting, long-form fasting and time restricted feeding.

  • Precision Nutrition
    Based on goals and genetic profile our clinicians will formulate a personalised, balanced, whole food nutrition programme.

  • Precision Movement
    In the Edison protocol we employ standard exercise protocols as well as more novel protocols. Again these are tailored to your genetic profile.

  • Mindfulness
    Effective in reducing stress, depression, anxiety, and distress, mindfulness improves quality of life in healthy individuals.
The precision health plan is a comprehensive, 65+ page, whole-body, lifestyle programme.


  • Wearable Technology
    A key tool in the Edison Protocol is the Oura Ring (version 2.0), a stylish, smart ring that tracks specific biomarkers 24/7.
  • 24/7 Biometric Monitoring
    Using the Oura Ring, the clinical care team will track specific biometrics to facilitate performance optimisation and risk management.
  • Medical Reviews
    At specific check points, a physician will review key biomarkers and biometrics and make amendments to the protocol, ensuring each care plan is delivering positive outcomes.
  • Clinician Support
    Meet with a clinician regularly for answers to queries and advice to improve the enjoyment and optimisation of protocol results.
  • Privacy and Security
    As the stewards of your health data, we understand you are trusting us with your most sensitive information. Every day we live by our security and privacy philosophies to ensure your data is always safe with us.