While you sleep - Edison and the Oura Ring

While you sleep - Edison and the Oura Ring

At Edison, we use the Oura ring to track sleep for valuable data and trends. The Oura ring is an advanced wearable designed to help you get more restorative sleep. It allows you to see how your lifestyle affects your body and mind.

The Oura ring tracks body temperature deviation, resting heart rate, heart rate variability and your respiratory rate. This data can tell you how long you slept for, how well you slept and can even track changes to your normal trends such as when you are sick or in our female clients, changes to their quality of sleep when they have their menstrual cycle.

Tracking your sleep gives you immediate feedback you can relate to your mood and energy. If you had quality 8 hours sleep and your mood is improved you can make that connection. Conversely, when you crave sugary foods after an unsettled night it’s easier to see why.

Each month you get an overview of your sleep data and these findings help us make adjustments to your protocol.

How the feedback helps

It’s exciting, new technology and we believe when combined with scientifically proven sleep practises it will improve your health.

Here at Edison we wear Oura rings to track our own biomarkers. One staff member had this to say about his insights;

“My usual resting heart rate sits at 45 beats per minute. On an evening when I have a single beer, this will increase to around 55bpm, a 10-20% increase after 1 beer!”

Interestingly, our sleep can help predict our susceptibility to drops in performance and health. According to the same sleep data “ In April I didn’t sleep well on the 10th, had an increased heart rate and the following day I had full-on man flu.”

This technology allows us to preempt these changes with improvements to self-care and the technology allows us to touch base with clients when the trends are going away from health goals!

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