How businesses can improve health and safety with Edison

We live in a fast-paced modern world. Many jobs are no longer 9-5, 5 days a week. Add to unconventional working environments, modern diets full of processed food and unfettered access to device screens all the time we have an environment which doesn’t support optimal health and wellness for individuals.

However, the risk of poor health isn’t just to individuals. Many of these individuals work in highly critical jobs where other people and processes depend on their efficiency and performance.

Jobs such as air traffic controllers, pilots, train drivers, surgeons and Emergency Department doctors and nurses. Each of these roles require quick thinking, risk management and a high level of skill. If these people are underslept, lethargic or unwell there are very real consequences.

Using precision medicine and Edison protocols with employees in this field could help companies identifxy and mitigate these risks.

Let’s use the example of pilots. DNA testing helps us identify pilots who show a genetic association with increased need for sleep. If a pilot were to carry these genes, the airline could closely monitor feedback from their Oura ring to ensure they are adequately rested prior to flying.

It may mean for these pilots, they require a slightly longer layover or non-work period between long distance flights. Maybe these pilots once they know this information about themselves opt to work on shorter flight routes. The applications of this information can be tailored to the individual, all while improving passenger safety.

Similarly in the Emergency Department, staff could collect sleep data for a month to establish any trends with their sleep. If performance and sleep decline drastically after four night shifts, management may decide to roster a maximum of three night shifts in a row for any given staff member. Maybe surgeons would need a mandatory sleep day between long stints of afterhours work?

The beauty of precision health and Edison is you get background knowledge alongside real-time feedback from a person’s lifestyle. This means you can constantly change or tweak a protocol until you find something that works well.

There are very real risks to safety, employee wellbeing and work satisfaction when people are tired and not prioritising their wellbeing. Edison allows us to reduce this risk while also increasing performance and productivity. It’s a win-win for all concerned.

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