Aesthetics and Precision Health Care

As much as we might not admit it aloud when we seek to improve our health and wellbeing, wanting to look better as well as feel better is a huge driving motivation for many of us.

However, our modern environment is full of suggestions, ideas and diets all promising to improve your body composition and your appearance. It can be hard getting to the bottom of what will actually work. And even if we do embark on a new diet promising weight loss and improved energy, if it doesn’t work for us we become disheartened and blame ourselves.

But what if it wasn’t us who were the problem? What if the diet, programme or product was simply wrong for us? How do we know if a diet that worked for Becky from HR is going to work for us, or if we’re setting ourselves up for failure?

The answer is Precision Medicine.

We need to find personalised solutions based on our own unique genetics and dietary requirements and reactions.

For an extreme example, if your genetics indicated a predisposition towards diabetes, you probably wouldn’t go on a full vegan high carb, raw fruit diet. Similarly, if your genetics showed a risk of high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease, you would think twice about a carnivore diet comprised solely from red meat and saturated fat.

But the differences don’t have to be extreme. Context and nuance can be a lot more subtle. Each of us a different threshold for carbohydrate tolerance. Getting it slightly wrong can hugely impact things like mood and sleep.

Furthermore, each of us has different genetic need for certain nutrients. If you’re someone with an increased need for Vitamin D, but work indoors at an office all day you might need to consider testing and supplementation with your precision medical professional.

All of these subtle changes and requirements can add up to a unique picture. Getting this picture right is the key to improving mood, energy and your aesthetics.

Most clients who come to us at Edison want a combination of 3 things. They want to increase muscle mass, reduce fat, and look younger. Improving body composition is significantly more easy when the guesswork is taken out of your dietary needs. Additionally, understanding which types of exercise work best for you can help you cut through the noise in the health and wellness space to construct a diet and exercise regime that will work most effectively.

The other benefit of precision medicine is it allows you to prioritise your energy and efforts towards where you have the biggest risk or need. There is little point in changing everything about your diet and exercise habits if your sleep does not meet your requirements.

The results from your genetics test, along with feedback from your oura ring allows us to invest time and resources where you will get the best result.

We can increase your healthspan alongside your lifespan; while looking and feeling better.

Contact us at the Edison Clinic if you would like to know more.

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