Our Story.


Inspired by Thomas Edison.

In 2013, Jay Harrison had a tough phone call. His mum had been diagnosed with pre- diabetes, and was in a bad way.

What he did next would change his mum’s life, and five years later, result in the founding of Edison.
“I put together a preventative healthcare plan for Mum, and it turned into a healthcare programme that has now served in excess of 25,000 people.”
Rich Tangney had his own motivation. His mother had died suddenly at the age of 66.
She never knew it, but she had heart disease.

It was preventable. Rich was working closely with Jay at the time and together they decided to take Jay’s vision and make it a reality and have turned their personal passion into a new kind of private healthcare clinic that aims to bring longer, healthier lifespans to New Zealanders - and the world.

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