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You are unique. We all are.
From our genetic make-up through to the way we live our lives,
we’re all uniquely and undeniably ourselves.


So if we’re all so unique,
why is our healthcare one-size fits all?

At Edison, we consider what makes you so unique – your DNA, lifestyle, and behaviours – and analyse these to develop proactive, personalised health plans that will help you get – and stay – healthy. Alongside your initial plans, ongoing and regular check-ins will give you the peace of mind, accountability, and actionable frameworks you need to live longer and in good health.


All health plans are different, however, as a baseline Edison can help you discover:

  • The right dietary plan for you – no more ‘yo-yo’ dieting;
  • An exercise plan designed to help you realistically achieve your goals and aspirations;
  • How to optimise your lifestyle to your unique (chronotype) body clock;
  • Inherent health risks you may have and how to mitigate them early on;
  • Whether supplements could help you perform better – or whether you need any supplements at all.

The format of our plans

The Edison experience begins with a one-off, baseline, precision medical.

This comprehensive medical evaluation is conducted by a precision medicine specialist (physician) and clinical care team and includes personalised DNA profiling, state-of-the-art biomarker evaluation, physical evaluation, and 3D body imaging.
Following the precision medical, a comprehensive health report is produced which forms the basis of your health plan.

A personalised health plan that provides a comprehensive set of actionable, personalised lifestyle recommendations made just for you based on your goals and DNA. From the way you eat to the way you think, these protocols are designed to help you proactively improve your health, performance, and longevity.

Ongoing monitoring and management with regular visits and follow up assessments with your physician to ensure that we can manage your progress – giving you accountability and peace of mind. We also provide you with unobtrusive, wearable technology to remotely monitor your progress whilst on your plan.


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