NAD+ Infusions.

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A new group of genes called 'sirtuins' have recently been discovered to be an essential protector of cellular health.  They rely on NAD+ and have been called the 'Guardians of the Genome'.  

They can be supercharged with an infusion of NAD+, the latest power-tool in rejuvenation medicine.
"Ageing should absolutely be classified as a disease”. 
Prof. David Sinclair
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Frequently asked questions.

How long does it take to create my personalised health plan?

After the baseline medical has been completed, processing of your DNA can take up to 4 weeks. The other assessments are processed within a few days of the medical. It takes the team the full 4 weeks to create your personalised Health Plan, at which point you will be presented with it in person.

How is my health data kept private and confidential?

As the stewards of your health data, we understand you are trusting us with your most sensitive information. Every day we live by our security and privacy philosophies to ensure your data is always safe with us.This data is not shared with any third party without your express written permission.

On occasion; you may be asked if you would like to share your anonymised health data for research purposes or to assist in improving your experience. However, this will only happen with your express written permission.

What other services does Edison provide?

Edison offers a Personal Precision Health service that focuses on the early detection of health risk factors, the prevention of illness and the optimisation of health and wellness.

We use genetic profiling, targeted biomarker testing and state of the art biometric analysis to optimise and maintain your health and longevity. Our proprietary process is called the Edison Protocol.

Is your service available outside of Auckland?

At this point in time, all services are conducted at our Parnell Clinic. However, after the initial baseline medical assessment we do have options for remote support plans. We plan to have other clinics available very soon.