Dr Ula Heywood

Preventative Medicine Specialist
"Think of it like a complete systems update and upgrade of your current health status, but also the ability to change your genetic future and that of your children and their children’s children"

I’m Dr Ula Heywood.

Over the last decade, in addition to my role as a Medical Specialist, I have constantly been highly inquisitive about health and wellness, particularly the role that nutrition, sleep, exercise and mindfulness play. I avidly read about this and practice it myself as much as possible, especially in the kitchen!

The subjects of epigenetics, nutrigenomics and individualised healthcare programs are fascinating to me. It is definitely the way of the future for medicine.  I'm very excited to start in this leadership role of Clinical Director with a group of enthusiastic professionals, all dedicated to preventative healthcare. It is time to proactively invest in building fences at the top of the cliff, rather than reacting with ambulances at the bottom.

My goal as the Clinical Director at Edison is to provide clarity around the true path to health, enabling people to maximise their quality of life and to reach their full health potential.

After eighteen years of studying Medicine and specialising in Emergency and Pre-Hospital/Retrieval Medicine, I have realised I am no longer happy to settle for the status quo; i.e. reactive surgical and pharmaceutical medicine; accepting the tsunami wave of chronic physical and mental health issues that adversely affect human potential and quality of life.  

My purpose is driven because of the crippling burden of chronic disease on our public healthcare system and the confusion that exists in the messages received by the public on health improvement. What started as a personal journey to optimal health and wellness has now become a mission to inject energy and joy into the lives of others, by empowering them with the correct knowledge and tools.

There is so much more quality to life than is currently being experienced by the majority. I wish to help develop people’s relationships with their bodies and true inner selves, so that they can restore harmony and equilibrium.

My strengths in this area are that I am working in alignment with my natural tendency towards energetic, ambitious and dynamic, problem-solving work. I thrive on connection with people and can empathise with people living with incredibly high stress levels, as I've been there too. Sometimes we can give too much of ourselves to a worthy cause and then pay the health price.  But there are a myriad of ways to reinforce our wellbeing and resilience. It will be a pleasure to dedicate my time to this venture.

At this cutting - edge precision health clinic, you will gain access to the pioneering world of individualized medical and health programs. Our programs are data-driven and dynamic; we base them on the latest breakthroughs in science and medical technology and we offer 24/7 support. This is the way of the future for medicine but not yet available mainstream.  

Edison are leading the way forward with their scientifically validated and personalized programs, utilizing the incredible tools of DNA and epigenetic profiling, advanced blood and urine testing, 3D body imaging and remote health tracking devices, via the futuristic Oura ring.  With our team of scientific and medical experts, we will be able to look at the specific effects your environment and lifestyle is having on your gene expression and ultimately your health.

This enables us to modify and create focussed interventions for your desired health outcomes, ultimately creating optimal wellness, productivity and longevity in your work and home life. With these tools, we gain the power to activate or ‘switch on’ the good genes that protect us from cancer, heart disease, diabetes and so much more, whilst simultaneously ‘switching off’ the bad genes that make us more prone to such disease states.  Isn’t that incredibly empowering? It can even help us to reverse disease states, like pre-diabetes or a tendency to obesity and high cholesterol, drastically reducing your chances of succumbing to the disabling disease itself. You will gain the power, via insight, to live your very best life and work with nature to gain maximal benefits.Think of it like a complete systems update and upgrade of your current health status, but also the ability to change your genetic future (and that of your children and their children’s children), by adapting your environment to best suit your own personal needs.

Re-engineer your health on a cellular levelRedefine your genetic futureRealise your health potential
Nobody else in Australasia currently offers what we do.We are one of a kind and the first clinic to offer this level of integrative medicine.We remove the complexity and provide peace of mind that you truly are in control of your health and on the right track in life.Poor health and chronic disease rob people of so much quality of life and cripple our healthcare systems.  

Edison is the antidote to this.