"With so many nutrition, exercise and health regimes out there, it was impossible to know which one is best for you. Until now. 

- Kirsty.
Dr. Aubrey de Grey - Co-Founder of the SENS Research Foundation - believes that the first person to live to 1,000 has already been born. How is that possible?

We are at the dawn of a new medical and technological era. Doctors and scientists have only recently discovered ways to analyse human DNA to produce actionable insights for an individual based on their own genetic make up. That in itself is exciting, but when combined with AI, analysis of biometric data from wearable devices, 3D body imaging and comprehensive medical examinations, our doctors can gain an understanding of a person's current health and disease risk profile with an unprecentented level of accuracy. 

Being able to offer people the blueprint to their own optimal health is incredibly rewarding, but witnessing our client's quality of life shift from good to spectacular is why I'm so passionate about Edison. It's no just about living longer, it's about living healthier, for longer.

I've been building, leading and operationalising technology driven companies for 19 years, but nothing has excited me as much the work my incredible colleagues are doing to revolutionise precision health.