FastVitaminIV® Infusions by Edison.

Traditional IV vitamin drips take up to 120 minutes to administer. Get better nutrients in 30-60 seconds that your body can instantly use.

FastVitaminIV® by Edison

The pantry of vitamin supplements you rely on to keep up with the demands of life, reduce fatigue, recover faster, improve your mood, and gain mental clarity is only absorbed into the body at a rate of ~20%.

And the 120 minutes you spend having a traditional IV administered has a diluted blend of vitamins.

FastIV is 100% pure. 100% safe. 100% absorbed. And almost 200% faster (compared to traditional IVs). 

It’s been developed & observed to help you live & feel better, fast after your cells instantly absorb 100% of the special blend of nutrients your body needs to thrive.

“FastVitaminIV® was designed to outclass traditional IV drips and help you (quickly) maximize your potential.”

Interested in an Infusion?

Got 60 seconds? FastVitaminIV® can quickly deliver nutrients your body needs to thrive.

Performance Medicine specialist, Dr Craig Koniver, personally developed and studied the benefits of FastVitaminIV® over the last 15 years. And in the past, it was exclusively administered to leading athletes and professionals like the NFL, Navy Seals & Military, and Fortune 100 executives.
Today, we have access to the same pure blend of 19 vitamins, minerals and amino acids that worldwide leaders have used and continue to use to thrive.
It’s the far superior choice to traditional IV treatments that deliver a diluted blend of vitamins in 30 - 120 minutes (FastVitaminIV® is delivered in 30-60 seconds). 
And benefits from traditional vitamin supplements come nowhere close to the nutrients FastVitaminIV® can quickly deliver - that’s because it’s 100% absorbed into the bloodstream unlike supplements.

The nutrients you need to live better, faster delivered in 60 seconds or less!

FastVitaminIV® has been developed in a high-quality, sterile pharmacy to reach peak performance when administered directly to your bloodstream in 60 seconds or less.
The pure proprietary blend contains a full-range of B vitamins, 1000mgs of magnesium sulphate and a full range of amino acids - no diluting agents!
When administered, you’ll feel a warm sensation over your body as the blend directly floods your body’s cells with nutrients. 
Depending on your health and wellness needs, you can receive a FastVitaminIV® 1-2x a week as a standalone nutrient booster but it's best delivered at the end of an NAD+ Infusion for a maximum brain and body performance boost

Edison are your partners for FastVitaminIV® therapy, and hold exclusive rights to the proprietary blend here in NZ.

Regular IV therapy may increase your mood, mental clarity, energy levels, sleep, recovery, and hydration for up to 7 days.
The benefits of FastVitaminIV® may be remarkable, but the therapy itself is simple, easy, and importantly quick! 
We have selected the most effective way to deliver FastVitaminIV® therapy intravenous infusion at our Precision Medicine Clinic in central Auckland.  
FastIV therapy intravenous infusion ensures you get 100% of the benefits of this pure blend of 19 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.
You’ll meet with one of our Edison consultants to determine the personalised FastVitaminIV® therapy experience that’s best suited to your needs, lifestyle and desired outcomes.

Afraz Adam, Edison Doctor

Talk to one of our Doctors today to see if NAD+ is right for you.

Take thirty minutes with one of our expert consultants to find out more about NAD+ and whether it’s the right option. At Edison, we know that making the right decision for you and your family is everything. We want to make it easier for you to make these deeply personal decisions by making a safe space for you to ask questions and get the answers you need. If you would like to find out more about NAD+ therapy, we offer a free, no obligation thirty minute consultation with one of our expert consultants, either in person or via video call.It could be half an hour that positively changes your life - and your family’s - forever.


We've got the answers.

Is FastVitaminIV® right for me?

FastVitaminIV® has been designed to flood your body cells with the nutrients it needs to thrive and live better, faster.
Generally, this means that FastVitaminIV® is best suited for men and women aged 30+ who would like to keep up with the demands of life, reduce fatigue, clear mental “brain fog”, improve their mood, recover faster, and sleep better. The best way to find out if you qualify for FastIV treatment is to have a chat with one of our specialist consultants

Is FastVitaminIV® therapy safe?

Thousands of FastVitaminIV® therapy treatments have been safely administered around the world including to leading athletes and professionals worldwide.
These athletes and professionals include NFL players, Navy Seals & Military, Fortune 100 executives, Hall of Fame hockey players, and PGA Tour Golfers.
FastVitaminIV® therapy is accredited by US-based companies; PCAB & ACHC and is developed in a FDA-registered and sterile pharmacy.
As with any form of supplementation, if you experience any prolonged discomfort or side effects, discontinue use and consult your healthcare provider.

Can I access FastVitaminIV® therapy while taking other medications?

At Edison, we know that every individual’s health circumstances are unique.

The best way to find out if FastVitaminIV® treatment is right for you is to have a chat with one of our consultants.

If FastVitaminIV® is so good, why isn’t everyone having this treatment?

FastVitaminIV® is the result of years of scientific research, and is accordingly not a cheap treatment.

This price barrier, combined with the limited availability of the FastVitaminIV® compound, have restricted the number of individuals who have historically been able to benefit from the therapy.

Edison wants to help make FastVitaminIV® therapy available to as many people as possible, and we work actively with our partners to keep the price of FastVitaminIV® treatment as low as possible.

Is the FastVitaminIV® compound ethically sourced?

The FastVitaminIV® compound is a synthetic, factory-produced compound.

It contains no living cell material, and no-one was harmed or exploited in its production.

You can benefit from FastVitaminIV® therapy with an entirely clear conscience.

How long does FastVitaminIV® treatment last?

Just as every individual’s health circumstances are unique, so are the benefits of FastVitaminIV® on every individual.

Generally, a booster treatment of FastVitaminIV® brings benefits that last between one and three months.

How does intravenous infusion of FastVitaminIV® work?

FastVitaminIV® therapy is an intravenous infusion, which delivers this pure blend directly to the bloodstream. 
The infusion process only takes 30-60 seconds, and is delivered by our trained medical team at the Edison Precision Medicine Clinic in central Auckland. 

At the beginning of the infusion, you’ll start to taste a B vitamin like solution. After 15 seconds, you’ll feel a warm sensation at the back of your throat. That warmth will travel through the rest of your body and you might feel like you need to urinate. Don’t worry, nobody has ever needed to.

You may experience some light headedness but as quickly as you feel any of the sensations above, they go away.

Are there any side effects of FastVitaminIV® therapy?

While the FastVitaminIV® compound has no reported long-term side effects, it is possible that some individuals may experience mild short-term discomfort during the infusion process. We recommend talking this through with one of our expert specialists. As with any form of supplementation, if you experience any prolonged discomfort or side effects, discontinue use and consult your healthcare provider.

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