Edison Talks.

Ted Talk style educational health and wellness presentations for your organisation.

The next frontier; Genetics.

Edison's Chief Scientist takes a deep dive into the field of human genetics and shares his insights to the power of applying genetics to preventative health and what it means for the future of healthcare.
Brendan is a PhD educated geneticist focused on the interplay between genetics and health. He is fascinated by the promise of precision medicine and driven to be a part of this health care revolution.

Presenter: Dr Brendan Swan, Chief Scientist.
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Beyond Human.

Edison's CEO, Jay Harrison will take you on a journey from our past and into the very near future.
Jay talks about the emerging field of precision medicine and explores the new realms of regenerative medicine and gene editing/therapy.
Get ready to have your concepts of the future challenged.

Presenter: Jay Harrison, CEO and Founder of Edison.
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