Getting to know you through Clinical Analysis

Having a clear understanding of your health history and your current lifestyle are essential components of the Edison Protocol.

Before arriving at Edison for your Baseline Evaluation, a comprehensive questionnaire is sent out to collate information including your daily routines, nutrition, mental health, medical history and family history.

During your 90 minute Doctors consultation, your results will be discussed in-depth before one of the care team walk you through a set of clinical tests including DNA collection, blood tests, a 3D body scan and measurements of your vital recordings such as blood pressure and pulse.

If you have elected to undertake the Cardiac module, then lung function testing via spirometry and cardiovascular analysis via an Advanced ECG (AECG) will also be performed.

The AECG is used to create a 3D mathematical image of your heart and calculate a heart age.  

Edison is ones of six clinics in the world performing AECG and believe it is an invaluable tool for assessing cardiovascular health and risk.

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