Biometric Analysis - Advanced diagnostics, 3D body imaging and the Oura Ring

Edison uses several methods to monitor progress over time for its members.

At the forefront of the biometric tracking is the use of an Oura Ring.

The Oura Ring provides essential information regarding your sleep, heart rate variability, temperature and resting heart rate from which Edison can fine-tune your prescribed health plan.

The Oura Ring also provides a daily readiness score which when correlated with your health plan, can educate our members to reduce stress and lead a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Another key biometric tool used by Edison is a 3D body scanner. The 3D body Scanner tracks body composition, weight loss and posture providing over 400 measurements. The application also provides a comparative analysis so you can see first-hand where you have improved over time.

These biometric tools when combined with your genetic profile and biomarker analysis provide a strong feedback loop to effectively manage and monitor members progress.

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