About Us

The Doctor of the future.

We imagine a world where healthcare is a symbiotic integration of preventative healthcare and the standard model of healthcare. A new model that redistributes management across a balanced system, a model that promises to unlock human potential like never before.
Our Team

A  team of innovators, makers and thinkers.

Jay Harrison
Founder & CEO
Rich Tangney
Co-Founder & 
Chief of Growth
Dr Ula Heywood
Clinical Director
Dr Brett Gerrard
Medical Director
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Designing the future of healthcare

We are building capability in the following areas.

Genetics and health by design.
Technology that enables a better healthcare experience.
Bringing service to healthcare.
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What makes us different?

Our Culture

We are on a mission to create the future of preventative healthcare. We are doing this by promoting a culture that encourages bold ideas, fosters excellence and wants for a better world. We see this new world as one that unlocks human potential through amazing health.
“This is why I am extremely excited about working with Edison. Combining cutting-edge genetic testing with a comprehensive suite of other health measurements allows us to lead you into the new era of personalised, precise, proactive healthcare.”
Brendan Swan, Chief Scientist


Our work is to help humanity realise its highest potential through amazing health and we do this whilst holding these values.

We value the following;
1. Enabling human potential through health.
2. Being your trusted healthcare partner.
3. Creating a six sense experience.
4. Creating a truly transformational solution.
6. Taking a strong line on things that are intrinsic.
“My goal as the Clinical Director at Edison is to provide clarity around the true path to health, enabling people to maximise their quality of life and to reach their full health potential.”
Dr Ula Heywood, Clinical Director