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Edison; personalised health care, combining world-class doctors and health professionals, with advanced medical technology including genetics, epigenetics & proactive health management.

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About Edison

We are specialists in Executive health and performance. Our approach to health optimisation and performance utilises a holistic, integrative and proactive methodology to reduce risk, optimise health and improve quality of life.

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A journey of health discovery

The Edison journey starts with an initial consultation to understand your personal needs, goals and health status.

Our care team will then prescribe a plan that aligns with your needs and goals and ensures your desired health outcomes are achieved.


Full Spectrum Medical

The full spectrum medical incorporates our universal testing protocols as well as protocols specific to your personal needs, objectives and medical history.

At Edison we take a deep dive into leading edge testing protocols such as Genetics, Epigenetics, 3D body imaging, hormone function and biometrics.


Advanced personalisation through genetics

Your care team will design your personalised health plan based on your genetic profile, goals, needs and health test results.

The health plan incorporates our Edison protocol plus specific protocols drawn from the results of your genetic assessment, to provide a truly personalised health plan.


Proactive health management

The Edison fully autonomous and remote health monitoring service is designed to passively map risk and biomarker changes across five key areas; readiness, sleep, activity, stress and body temperature. 

At Edison, we use a propriety digital health platform, as well as the worlds most advanced, unobtrusive wearable, for continuous remote health monitoring.


It's all about you

Analyzing your unique DNA and gene expression through physical body and lifestyle data.


“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.”
― Thomas A. Edison

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