Live better, longer.

Hyper personalisation
a hyper-personalised health plan designed just for you.
A proactive approach
take proactive measures today for an assured tomorrow.
Technology enabled
technology designed to make your healthcare more personal.
Data driven
every aspect of your health plan is powered by your data.
Evidence based
cutting-edge science for the best possible outcomes.
Expert support
a team of trusted experts dedicated to your health plan.

Your health, on your terms

Genetic insights
we analyse over 700,000 genetic insights to understand your body's strengths and potential weaknesses.
Biometric insights
we analyse your biometric data to get insights into your heart health, body composition, respiratory health and much more.
Biomarker insights
we analyse an extensive set of blood panels to establish markers for your metabolic, cardiovascular, hormonal, brain health and more.
Clinical insights
clinical insights allow our Doctors to close the loop and establish a holistic view of your health and well-being.

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A proactive approach.

Take proactive measures today for an assured tomorrow.

Your health plan

If we’re all so unique, why is our healthcare a one-size-fits-all?
At Edison, we consider what makes you, you – right down to your DNA.
We then use this data to create highly personalised and actionable recommendations.
What if you could choose your best health?
Now you can. Enquire here to learn how.

Plans for your People

Implementing an employee health plan is about more than improving staff performance and productivity; it will also have an invaluable impact on the culture of your business.
Our team create personalised health plans to optimise the performance of your people. It's your business.

It’s time to invest in its most valuable asset.
“Edison is a change of lifestyle, not a ‘program’, since starting Edison my cholesterol has reduced for the first time in 20 years.”
Blair Vernon, Chief Executive

AMP Wealth Management New Zealand

How it works

A four step process to realise your best health.


Establish your baseline

Complete the baseline evaluation to establish your Biogenic Profile®


Start your journey

Integrate the foundational principles of the Edison Protocol


Map your DNA

Map your DNA to establish your Genetic Profile


Integrate your Profiles

Integrate your Biogenic Profile® and your Genetic Profiles


Choose your support

Choose the level of support
you need to be at your best

How it works.

Three steps to the very best you.
1. Edison Exam
Establish your baseline
health status.
2. Edison Protocol
Get your highly-personalised
health plan.
3. Edison Care
Choose the level of support
you need to be at your best

Your health, on your terms

Customer Love.
We love guiding our customers to better health.
“My experience and their professionalism and approach has been 2nd to none. After implementing their health protocols have never felt better. I can't recommend Edison highly enough.”
Cambel Ferguson
Auckland, New Zealand
“I 100% recommend Edison... I am only half way through and I’m super impressed! Everybody needs this!”
Vanessa Bennett
Auckland, New Zealand
“I'm already experiencing even more energy, vitality and overall well being. Really appreciate the collaboration of high level expertise within the team.”
Jamie James
Auckland, New Zealand

Your health, on your terms

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“I've loved my Edison experience, anything else would be guesswork.”

Ian Pollard, Chairman, Delta Insurance, Auckland NZ
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