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We combine world-class doctors and clinicians with advanced medical technology, genetic profiling, evidence-based interventions and proactive care to facilitate amazing health and longevity for our clients.


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What we know about Covid-19

And what we can do to build a strong immune system.


At Edison we systematically unlock your genetic potential, helping you achieve amazing health, optimal performance and longevity.

Personalised and proactive

Precision health recognises that you are unique – and that your healthcare should be too.

At Edison we use genetic, biomarker, biometric, and clinical insights to create proactive, targeted health plans which are uniquely personalised to you.


A whole-body approach

A comprehensive, whole body wellness and lifestyle plan is designed to proactively address health issues as well as facilitate your personal health goals and aspirations.


Advanced medical technology

It is our mission to be at the leading edge of precision health.

We use advanced medical technology to provide critical insights to help our clients optimise their performance, health and longevity.

The Edison protocol is a ground breaking solution that quantifiably increases health-span and life-span.


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Introducing the Advanced ECG
The electrocardiograph (ECG) measures the electrical activity of the heart, allowing real-time evaluation of heart rhythm, rate, and function which, when combined with key biomarkers, can provide early detection of heart disease. Advanced ECG takes our analysis a step further. It breaks down your heart’s electrical tracing into 100’s of 3D measurements resulting in a highly personalised cardiac fingerprint.This allows our clinicians to compare results to a curated international database in order to detect subtle signs of heart disease.

Edison is one of only six clinics in the world using advanced ECG clinically.


As the stewards of your health data, we understand you are trusting us with your most sensitive information. Every day we live by our security and privacy philosophies to ensure your data is always safe with us.




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