“The doctor of the future will give no medication but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
Thomas A. Edison . 1903

A better way.

Discover your unique blueprint to optimal health using intelligent, data-driven technologies.

Hyper personalisation
a hyper-personalised health plan designed just for you.
A proactive approach
take proactive measures today for an assured tomorrow.
Technology enabled
technology designed to make your healthcare more personal.
Data driven
every aspect of your health plan is powered by your data.
Evidence based
cutting-edge science for the best possible outcomes.
Expert support
technology designed to make your healthcare more personal.

Say hello to Edison.

The new healthcare clinic.

It all begins with your DNA.

It starts with the building blocks of your body and mind. Your unique DNA. We look at your health from the inside out to truly discover your full potential and give you a great view of what makes you, you.

Know your body, 
optimise your potential.

Your Edison Protocol is the strand that ties everything together. It’s deeply personal and hyper-focused, designed to give you insights and actionable recommendations across five domains. Sleep, Metabolism, Nutrition, Physical performance and Resilience.

Powered by your own data.

Then, using the power of wearable tech, our team proactively analyse your data and give you the advice you need to be your best self in a longer, healthier life.

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Customer love.

See what our customers are saying.

“My experience and their professionalism and approach has been 2nd to none. After implementing their health protocols I have never felt better.
I can't recommend Edison highly enough.”

Cambel Ferguson

“I'm already experiencing even more energy, vitality and overall well being. I really appreciate the collaboration of high level expertise within the team.”

Jaime James
Advisor / Director

"This is been the most important part of my wellness journey, working and learning from everyone at Edison. There is such a need for this service worldwide, great to see NZ leading the charge. Most rewarding part has been introducing others to the experience!"

Dom Bowden
New Zealand Television Personality

"I 100% recommend Edison.
I am only half way through and I’m super impressed!
Everybody needs this!”

Vanessa Bennett
Editor & Publisher

"Edison Team know their field, they have helped me with increased energy levels and lose some weight. Best of all I wake up each morning feeling significantly better than I use to. They have done this through advanced testing and applied research that has made a real difference.”

Andrew Johnson

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“I've loved my Edison experience, anything else would be guesswork.”

Ian Pollard, Chairman, Delta Insurance, Auckland NZ
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